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The Olympics: Ultimate Fandom

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The United States of America dominated the Rio Olympic games with a total medal haul of 121 with 46 of them being gold. This marks the largest margin over a second place country (51 more than China) in a non-boycotted Olympic Games.

Great Britain also had its best Olympic showing in its history with 67 total medals with an astonishing 27 gold medals. The Russian team who were wracked with pre-olympics bans resulting from the revelations of state-sponsored doping had a paltry 56 medals (low by Russian standards.) 

China also disappointed with 70 medals with only 26 golds.

Olympic athletes are at their core, fans first. They fall in love with their sport and dedicate their lives to becoming the very best participant. Behind every Olympian is a cadre of fans consisting of parents, siblings, friends, coaches, Olympic committees and fellow-citizens. The Olympics represent the epitome of fandom.

(Photo Credit: Chang W. Lee The New York Times)