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Speaking is Overrated

· Expression,Voice,Social

With so much chattering going on, listening is a lost art. The world has a way of re-balancing though.  And art as its reflection does too.  So as we move towards ubiquitous expression, we start to beg its opposite.  A statute is defined by negative space, and expression defined by its reception.

A statue can over-consume space; expression unheard/seen/met oveconsumes as well. In the future great artists will be mute.   They will be those who can listen supremely.  And in listening create space which embraces the expression of others into a balanced reverberating cohesive whole.  Their canvas is empowerment, and their paint the delicate emulsion that binds others together.

I recently learned about Relational Art.  I realize this what I have been pursuing my entire life.  I have pursued experiential art forms that create an interaction with “users” and the machine, and behind the machine I’m just another user.  While the resulting experience and conversation might be lopsided it is possible to envision it moving ever closer to the perfect balance of creator and user until they become one.  A harmonious Wiki-event where each participant contributes and receives in a steady state.  Never needing a moderator, a publisher, a creator.